Adventure Sports Laser Tag Party

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This package is perfect for people wanting to play laser tag in their own environment and do not need bunkers or objects to hide behind.  It makes for a great experience when in a backyard or location that has multiple objects already in place.  This includes up to 8 taggers and are fully programmed and ready to go.  It does not include an attendant but one can be hired for $50 per hour.  You can use the taggers for up to 4 hours and if more time is needed please let us know.  We will arrive 60 minutes prior to your event at the minimum to show you how the taggers operate and their functions.  They are very simple to use and are very durable.  If you are wanting bunkers or an arena for a better gameplay experience, please check out our other packages.  

Pricing-$195 for 4 Hours

Includes-8 Taggers

If needing more taggers please let us know!

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Adventure Sports Laser Tag Party

Adventure Sports Laser Tag Party

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